Jenny and Anna are Intensive Care Sister’s at Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust (HDFT).  Jenny and Anna have worked tirelessly on the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at HDFT throughout the pandemic.  They said that the unit was aesthetically outdated, there was poor lighting and it often had feelings of working in a claustrophobic environment.

Thanks to the wonderful supporters and fundraisers of Harrogate Hospital & Community Charity (HHCC), the charity were able to contribute to the cost of the refurbishment of the ICU.  Jenny and Anna said the refurbishment has made the whole unit have a very different atmosphere.  The unit feels very modern, with lots of natural light.  This is due to the redesign of the staff workspace, allowing better views of the intensive care beds and removal of the horizontal bedheads which obstructed most of the windows.

It also has amazing mood lighting technology which enables patients to receive care in a relaxing environment.  The brand new imaged ceiling panels give patients a sense of outside sky, this not only benefits patients during an extremely challenging time but this insightful addition to ICU has improved the working environment and boosts the mood of staff working on the unit.

A really nice touch to the newly refurbished ICU is the addition of a pull down bed for visitors to sleep on if they wish to stay the night so they are close to their loved ones during a really difficult time.  One visitor said, “It’s amazing and feels like a hotel.”

A patient who has recently received care on both the old and the newly refurbished ICU, said “this is so much better, more airey and the lighting is so relaxing.”

(To protect Jenny and Anna’s confidentiality, we have changed their names)