Are you ready to step into February……HHCC Challenges you to STEPruary!

Why STEPruary? It’s free, and one the easiest ways to get more active, lose weight and become healthier.

To enter this challenge – get in touch or register for the event on our Facebook Page

So step out this STEPruary to raise money for patients and their families.

How to sign up to STEPruary:

1. Set a Target

  • Choose from our challenge targets or set yourself your own personal target
  • Our STEPruary challenge targets are set over the 29 days of February

2. Start Fundraising

  •  Click here to download our sponsorship form and get friends/family/colleagues to sponsor you


3. Keep Track of Your Steps

  • You can use an activity tracker, pedometer or app on your smartphone to track your daily steps
  • Click here to download our step tracker record sheet to input your steps to work out your total


4. Encourage Others to Join

  • Get your friends, colleagues and family involved, why not start a competition between you? Or set up teams within the workplace?


5. Get Sharing

  • Post pictures if you are hiking / walking / running to social media – and don’t forget to tag us and #STEPruary
  • Share your fundraising efforts and / or fundraising page to social media to reach more people
  • For those who aren’t on social media, why not email your pictures to


6. Most importantly have fun whilst raising funds to make a difference to patients and families


Once you have completed your challenge please send us your results to receive a HHCC Certificate!

Once all your sponsored money has been collected this needs to be donated via:

Website: click here


Sort Code:                60-70-80

Account Number:   10004904

Reference: STEPruary


Payable to: Harrogate Hospital and Community Charity

Address: Harrogate Hospital & Community Charity, Planning Department, 3rd Floor Strayside Wing, Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust, Lancaster Park Road, Harrogate HG2 7SX

Cash: By bringing into Harrogate District Hospital

If you would like to contact us please click here

Tips on how to increase your step count

Take a walk in your lunch break

Leave the car behind when you can

Walk to school

Pace / walk on the spot rather than standing still

Park further away from your destined location

Walk over to a colleague rather than sending an email where you can

Take the stairs

Get off the bus a stop early

Set alarms hourly to remind you to get moving

Meeting with friends? Why not go for a walk instead of a coffee

Take the dog for more walks (fun for them too)

Take the longer route

Have a walking meeting with colleagues

Walk with friends / family

Mix up your walking routes – find great walks here:

Listen to music or your favourite podcast, whilst walking

Join a walking group

Good luck!