Whilst the Trust is extremely grateful for all the kind donations it is receiving from the community and individuals, we must stress the importance of following the donation procedure to allow us to properly coordinate where donations are sent.

All donations, from individuals and businesses, must be directed to the HHCC and Volunteer Team who will coordinate their distribution to acute and community locations, and ensure proper thanks can be given.

This will allow us to be sure the donations are given to areas most in need at the given time across the hospital and wider community.  It is also important in controlling the spread of infection as we can monitor who is coming into the Trust and what is being distributed.

We have opened a staff store which is free for staff to use to get essential items without the added anxiety of having to go to a supermarket after a long shift. Essential items needed are: pasta, rice, tinned goods, nonperishable food items and snacks, hand cream, toiletries etc. If you can help with any of these items please get in touch!

The HHCC and Volunteer Team can be contacted on 01423 557408 or hdft.hhcc@nhs.net.

Or contact us here

Please do not donate direct to wards, acute locations, departments etc.  If you or anyone you know wishes to make a donation to any part of the Trust please get in touch using the above details.

Our Team will work with you to ensure our staff benefit from your kind donations.